Coastal Social Baton Rouge

Coastal Social Baton Rouge

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Social Media Metrics and ROI

Social Media 101 Track

Social Media Metrics and ROI

If you’re using social media for your business, you should be measuring it. To really understand how your social media measures up, it’s important to monitor social media metrics and track results on a regular basis to learn what’s successful, what isn’t, and how you can improve. This session will take you through aligning your social media goals with your business objectives, determining what metrics you should be measuring and which tools can help you do it.

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Liz Laenger
Sales Trainer & CEO, *I Can Social Media Ads

Three years ago, her entrepreneurial spirit and love of advertising led Liz to launch her own Social Media company with one skill and one client. Liz quickly grew her client list by building successful Pay Per Click and Social Media campaigns for them. She documented her process and now offers a for purchase “On Demand” system that business owners can download to get MORE CUSTOMERS, CLIENTS AND SALES from Social Media.  Read more
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